1. Online management system is provided for you to manage customer data, upload company/venue profile, check all the revenue of machines, create sub accounts for shop owners and staff accounts, change game prices, recharge virtual credits to members, upload advertisements, etc.
  2. Member card provided to save game record and rating. Member can go to vdarts shops to top up credits on card.
  3. Card as a payment tool. Swipe your member card to pay for dart games. Save your game record and you can check your rating and worldwide ranking on phone through VDarts mobile APP.
  4. You can play dart games with members around the world and see each other from cameras on screens.
  5. When the machine detects a new software package, it'll automatically update when it's connected with internet.
  6. One year warranty and lifetime online technical supports.
  7. Shop profile and contact information on our website.
  8. Providing prizes on dart competition.